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Howdy is a friendly workplace bot

Read why we think the best way to run meetings in Slack is now better than ever.

From the desk of Ben Brown

In June 2015, I wrote "What will the automated workplace look like?". Read about our vision!

We make incredible bots and tools to make them.

Meet Howdy —a friendly, trainable bot that helps Slack teams with work.

Howdy is a friendly Slack bot that collects answers on your behalf and delivers them in a convenient report. You can use Howdy's scheduling feature to collect information from your team automatically.

Send Howdy to collect your team's status updates. Howdy collects all responses and delivers them in a handy report to you. Perfect for team standups, feedback collection, polling and more!

Powerful tools to supercharge your Botkit project.

It's coming. Built on the most popular bot framework and based on our experience building the most popular standup bot for Slack, Botkit Studio is a comprehensive suite of tools designed to make your bot ready for production. Sign up now to get early access!

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The most popular open-source toolkit for making bots.

Join our active community of over 2500 developers and see why organizations like Slack, Microsoft and Al Jazeera are choosing to build their bots using the Botkit framework. Find out why developers are choosing Botkit to start building their bots today.

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Learn about the future of bots from the people making it real.

Talkabot is a two day convergence exploring the past, present and future of messaging as an interface. Attend Talkabot to learn from the people who are driving this paradigm shift and defining success in bots.

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